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Wine Buying Tips For Every Wine Lover

Buying wine can be stressful – but it should be. Here are a few wine buying tips that may help you stock up without worry so you can sip, swirl, and smile to your heart’s content.

Trust Your Wine Pro

You can’t always shop at a wine or liquor store (sometimes the grocery store is just plain easier) but when you do have the opportunity to take advantage of specialty retail, mine the owner or sales assistant for their own tips. Point out a bottle you recently enjoyed or a few varietals that appeal to you and see what they have that’s similar. Don’t be afraid to throw out a price point, either – anyone who balks at your budget isn’t worth your hard-earned bucks anyway.


Become a Regular

When you visit a restaurant often, you start to understand the menu on a different level. You know what dishes you like and what you don’t, your server gets a feel for your preferences and starts recommending specials, and you know to ask what the chef got from the farmer’s market on Tuesdays because you know that the chef goes every single Tuesday. Being a regular at wine shop is no different. There are perks to developing a relationship with your wine pro – they’ll be thrilled to share their latest weird and wonderful finds and even if you go it alone, you’ll know exactly where they keep the random bottles the average joe never even looks for.


Use Technology

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