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Tomato Sandwich – Perfect Southern Classic

Dare To Be Different

“So I am here to say, yes, eat your beautiful, summer-warmed, elbow-licking (2) tomato sandwich your way. And again tomorrow! But maybe on day three, instead of the inevitably diminishing returns of having that same sandwich, take a break and try this Tomato Toast from the Estelacookbook and Chef Ignacio Mattos instead.”

Keep It Simple

Keeping dishes simple allows flavors normally hidden to to be the center piece and even ingredients that you take for granted seem to pop…

The Bread

While many purists would use white bread, this tomato sandwich will never allow you to go back. Even Kristen Miglore description make this sandwich taste better…and I haven’t even made it yet.

“He slices a long, skinny plank from the bottom of a loaf of pumpernickel (or something similarly dense and seedy), lops off the side crusts, then singes it in a hot cast-iron pan in a little olive oil, pressing the bread against the smoking pan till it resembles a very large cracker. The last little chef’s kiss is a gentle scrape of the raw garlic clove over the toast, leaving just a hint of it behind—like bruschetta, like the easiest-ever garlic bread, like we should be doing to most pieces of toast we make.

The Spread

“Some of you will say Hellmann’s mayo is perfect for tomatoes. But Fromager d’Affinois, a double-cream, mellow, Brie-adjacent (4) cheese is also perfect.”

With so many aioli type spreads, pesto, Rémoulade, and all the others, why just slap mayo on? Don’t..give this Tomato sandwich the dressing it deserves.

The Tomato

“The best you can find…”

That sounds easy! Check out your local farmers markets for the freshest produce..and check out the full article with recipe.

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That looks amazing...I want to make one!!
2 years ago